- Mixing & Mastering

Mastered Final Product  

     The result of your recording, mixing, or mastering business conducted with Luke Garrigus DBA Blackroom Studios is in the form of a high-quality mastered stereo .WAV audio file, with included 3 rounds of mix revisions if needed (3 additional masters).  A download link will be provided for each round of masters.

Payment For ONLINE Mixing/Mastering Projects     

    Full payment for Mixing/Mastering services must be completed before any in-depth work will occur on your project.  Payment can be made through Venmo, Facebook Messenger, and Zelle (with no fees), or PayPal, and CashApp (have 3% fees).  A payment request will be sent to you after downloading and checking out your audio files.  The client is responsible for any transaction fees.

Mix Revisions 

     The mix revisions process is crucial to your desired outcome for the project, therefore we require 1 round minimum of revision notes before considering any project complete.   A reasonable number of mix revision notes will ONLY be accepted through the Filepass link provided for each round of masters.  Further details on this process at 3 rounds of revisions included. 

Mix Revisions Continued

     Mix notes sent only through message or email with not be completed.  Each mix note must be timestamped at its specific location in the song's Filepass link.  Comments must be uploaded within 1 week of receiving a Filepass link before being considered complete.  Late deposit of mix notes may forfeit your remainder available revision rounds and may require additional compensation for time spent.  If you need more time, just ask!

Audio Stems

     We DO NOT provide "mixed audio stems" of our work to be completed/mastered elsewhere unless originally discussed and agreed.  You own all the rights to the agreed final masters, and you own rights to the "raw audio files" you performed, but we reserve the rights to the settings and inner workings of the mixes.  If you (the paying client) are not satisfied with the final product, we can continue with revisions until you are satisfied with the final master.  After 3 rounds of revisions, a reasonable estimate for additional compensation will be provided.  

Reference Mix      

     Please provide a reference mix at the beginning of the project.  It is up to the client to adequately explain specific sounds they are wanting, and thoroughly communicate expectations and desired outcome for the project, from the beginning and throughout revisions. 

Additional Audio Files     

    -Instrumental Masters may also be provided at the end of the project with no additional expense.

    -We DO NOT provide "Rough Mixes" prior to the first Master.

    -If a copy of the song is needed prior to Master 1, for a music video shoot etc., a pre-master copy WITH CLICK may be provided after all recorded parts have been fully edited.

    -Backing tracks for live use can be created after the completion of your project, additional fees may apply.

    -Mixed audio stems, for live use, may be prepared in MONO only. Additional fees may apply.

    -Raw session files may be prepared at an additional expense, only after completing 3 rounds of revisions.

Return Time For Online Mixing/Mastering Projects

     Return time varies depending on the scale of your project and our overall workload with other clients.  We certainly prioritize a speedy return time for all projects, but not at the compromise of quality.  

     Be assured your project is being worked on daily, in cycle with other active projects.  If a return time estimate is provided, we will not be held to that specific timeframe in the event that your project still needs additional work to sound adequate to begin revisions with the band.  We try to update clients on the status of their projects on a weekly basis.


    We ask that artists provide production credits for recording/mixing/mastering services when uploading music to a distributor such as DistroKid or DiscMakers.  Please ask if you are unsure.

    Examples:  Produced by Luke Garrigus (for full production), Mixing & Mastering by Luke Garrigus (for online mixing)

    Shout-outs and tags on social media for song releases are greatly appreciated!

-Recording (Full Production Only)

Band Members Only    

     ONLY band members or individuals directly involved in the recording project are allowed in the studio.  A videographer or photographer is welcome in the studio to capture our recording experience.  

Studio Time     

    Studio time is ONLY available for FULL PRODUCTION PROJECTS.  No recording-only projects to be mixed/mastered elsewhere.  Blackroom Studios' primary focus and service offered is Mixing & Mastering, however, we are prepared to invite bands into the studio to record, if the project will be completed at Blackroom.

Studio Deposit

     A roughly 20% (of your total) nonrefundable deposit is required for all in-studio bookings.  Cancellations result in the loss of your deposit.  Your deposit may transfer to another date if rescheduled 20 days before your booked session date.  Down payment can be made through PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, Facebook Messenger, or Zelle.  A payment request will be sent to you after agreeing on dates.  Dates will only be reserved for 10 days without the deposit before being made available to other clients.

Payment For Full Production

     Payment for Full Production projects must be completed by the end of your booked in-studio recording session.  Late fees will apply for late payments.  Please establish a single method of payment to be ready at the session.  (For example, all band members could transfer their portion to one band member prior to the session, and then that band member would conduct a single transaction with Blackroom)  Payment can be made through Venmo, Zelle, and Facebook Messenger with no transaction fees.  Or, PayPal and CashApp have 3% fees. The client is responsible for any transaction fees.  No cash please.

Session Time     

     11:00am to 7:00pm  

No early arrivals or early setups.  There will be a half-hour grace period after your scheduled time to make up for traffic.  So no need to feel rushed.  For example, if your band is scheduled for 11:00 am, try to arrive between 11:00 and 11:15.

Assistant Engineer

     In most cases, an assistant engineer will be hired for recording sessions.  This allows us to keep an efficient and continuous pace throughout the session by trading off engineering.  The assistant will be compensated by the Producer from the total quote, at no additional fee to the client.  All editing/mixing/mastering post production will be completed by Luke Garrigus.

What Gear To Bring

     You are welcome to use any equipment we have here, but you are also encouraged to bring any gear that is unique or necessary to your sound.  Our main priority will be to get the best takes possible, spending the majority of time on perfecting your performances, with the minimal amount of time spent on setup, tones, and engineering.  This way, tone and eq can be slightly adjusted later in the editing/mixing phase with reamping or amp sims.


Note: Live amps will typically NOT be used during recording sessions.  Live amps would need to be reamped after editing takes place.  For recording bass and guitars, we will focus on getting clean DI's and solid takes, while using plugins and amp sims to recreate your live amp rig.

Studio Preparation   

     -KNOW YOUR PARTS!  Guitar solos, drum fills, and vocal harmonies included.

           We're looking for near-perfect takes, and you WILL NOT have enough time to write in the studio.

     -Practice each song being recorded with a click/metronome.

     -Hit the drums hard, pluck firmly on bass and guitars, sing with power and annunciate!

     -Replace strings (heavy gauge) on bass and guitars the day of or day before the session.

     -In the studio, make sure everyone takes breaks to eat.  Bring food and snacks, and drink lots of water!

     -Record a rough pre-production demo, or at least a simple phone recording at band practice. (Send to Blackroom)

     -Send a scratch guitar track (for each song) to Blackroom the week before the recording session.

Note: Parts will be recorded 1 person at a time. We do not offer live tracking.  The drummer will record first, to a click track and scratch guitar.  

Our typical order for recording sessions: 

Day 1 - Drums - Drum Quantizing (20-30 minutes per song while band breaks for lunch) - Bass

Day 2 - Rhythm Guitars - Lead Guitars - Main Vocals - Backup Vocals - Etc.

EP's and Albums will usually be broken up into 1 or 2 instruments per day.

Return Time For Full Production     

     Return time varies depending on the scale of your project and our overall workload with other clients.  We certainly prioritize a speedy return time for all projects, but not at the compromise of quality.  

     Be assured your project is being worked on daily, in cycle with other active projects.  If a return time estimate is provided, we will not be held to that specific timeframe in the event that your project still needs additional work to sound adequate to begin revisions with the band.  We try to update clients on the status of their full production projects roughly every other week.

Can We Stay The Night?     

     No, unfortunately, we are not currently set up for bands to stay the night at the studio.  However, we would like to eventually have accommodations available for bands to stay on the property in the late future.  For now, search AirBnB's, motels, and hotels in Bastrop/Smithville, TX area.  Or, try to stay with friends/family in the Austin, TX area.  We are only 45 minutes from downtown Austin.


     If you are booking studio time, it is worth noting that Blackroom is half studio, half house.  The work occurs from home, but this is no ordinary home recording studio.  

     We have a new baby, 5 dogs, 2 goats, 2 chickens, and a tortoise!

What's The Address?    

     Blackroom Studios is located on the outskirts of Bastrop, TX, on 6 acres.  Full address will be provided for in-studio clients after a session is booked.  A ROUGHLY 45-minute drive from Austin, 1hr 45min from San Antonio, 2hrs from Houston, 2hrs from Waco, 3hrs from Dallas, 3.5hrs from Tyler, 4hrs from Abilene, 6hrs from Lubbock.

What's Your Phone Number?

     In order to keep up with information for a large amount of projects, communication will be conducted via email, direct message, or through Filepass revision notes.  This way, all discussions, links, files, and information about your project will be easily recallable. 

Social Media     

     Be sure to stay in touch on all social media platforms!  Blackroom is looking to form long-term relationships with dedicated artists and hope to go beyond the parameters of your project.  We love to spread the word on bands we work with, and we always appreciate word-of-mouth referrals to all your friends' bands.  Thank You!