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"Best quality control in Texas. The most professional setting and best tracking quality around."

-Matt Rubio


"High quality studio with professional & skilled engineers. Would definitely work with them a million times over."  

-Cameron Brickell

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Luke Profile

Luke Garrigus - Mix Engineer & Studio Owner


Age: 30

Main Instrument: Electric Guitar

Degree: Bachelor of Arts Music | The University of Texas at Tyler | Classical Guitar

Prior Education: Defoore Music Institute (8yrs)

Years In Pro Audio: 11 yrs

Past Bands: Mære, Foxy & The Hares

Work Ethic: Efficient, Bold, Flexible, Fast-Paced, Encouraging, Problem Solver.

Musical Interests: Frontierer, Code Orange, Darko US, Alpha Wolf, Wolves In The Throne Room, Citizen, The Story So Far, Hundredth, Oathbreaker, Cult Leader, Portrayal Of Gilt, The Gloom In The Corner, Knocked Loose, Silent Planet, Balance and Composure, Fit For An Autopsy, Superheaven, Loathe, Humanity's Last Breath, etc.

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"Both of the techs are knowledgeable and very friendly. I felt that my opinions and criticism of the work we did there was definitely taken into account in the final product. Excited to work with them again!"

-Ryan Roberts

(Southpaw Sonata)

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Joey Hernandez, Pre Production

Joey Ryan Hernandez

Joey Pic
Joey Profile
Joey Ryan Hernandez, Recording Engineer

Joey Hernandez - Recording Engineer


Age: 28

Main Instrument: Bass

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Audio Production | Art Institute of Austin

Years In Pro Audio: 6 yrs

Work Ethic: Creative, Patient, Observant, Relaxed, Critical, Thorough.

Past Bands: Creux, Mære

Musical Interests: Nothing, Tigers Jaw, Adventures, Title Fight, Modern Baseball, Turnover, Jimmy Eat World, Sigur Ros, Code Orange, City and Colour, Pat Benatar, Johnny Cash, Lions and Tigers, Bon Iver, The Story So Far, Locket, Burning Years, Taking Back Sunday, Harm's Way, Deftones, etc.

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"Luke and Joey are some of the best engineers I have ever worked with. They actually give real feedback to the music and pay attention during tracking. I recommend Blackroom to everybody."

-Zachry Duarte

(Gold Steps)

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